Judge Roy Bean


Cameo of Lillie Langtry


One notable admirer was the self appointed Judge Roy Bean of Texas, who after falling in love with her picture changed the name of his town to Langtry and renamed the bar come courthouse that he owned 'The Jersey Lilly Saloon'.

Whilst playing a Texas theatre the Judge sent Lillie with a real live bear, fortunately for her though, the bear escaped when the cage was opened to show her the unique gift.

He never actually met Lillie but dispensed justice in her name.

A film of Judge Roy Bean starred Paul Newman and today the original Jersey Lillie Saloon is the showpiece of a visitor centre in the town of Langtry Texas.

By the time Lillie went to Langtry Texas the Judge had passed on, however, she was presented with his gun which she bequeathed to the states of Jersey and is currently on display with many of her personal effects in the Jersey Museum at St. Helier.






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