Jersey 1853


Le Breton Family

Born 13th October 1853 To the very Reverend William Corbet Le Breton and his wife Emilie a daughter Emilie Charlotte at the rectory St Saviours Jersey.

The Dean of Jersey had at last been presented with a daughter having sired five sons (their youngest Reggie was born after Emilie).

With six boisterous brothers she could hardly grow up to be anything but a tomboy, joining in their pranks, riding bareback on the beaches and beautiful countryside of Jersey.

Her brothers did not want any silly girl spoiling their fun and this embued her with a toughness of spirit that didn't allow the weakness of tears. This stood her in good stead for the rest of her life.

Emilie, nicknamed Lillie, in her early teens was acknowledged as the most beautiful girl on the Island of Jersey.

She had many admirers, one suitor asked her father for her hand in marriage only to be told that she hadn't yet reached her fifteenth birthday.

Unbeknown to her father, Lillie would not consider marrying a local she had much broader horizons.

Lillie was captivated by what she heard about Londons' high society and was desperate to escape what she considered to be the confines of the small island of Jersey.





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