The Theatre


Lillie LangtryIt was through her love of theatre and her connection with the Prince that Lillie met and became friends with the world famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt.

The devine Sarah not one to hide her own light under a bushel, persuaded Lillie who wanted to be Known for more than being a professional beauty (and a future kings mistress) to become an actress and capitalise on her fame.

Lillie's plight made her even more famous and she played to full houses wherever she appeared on stage.

Her career soon blossomed, critics acknowledged that she had an unique presence and certainly brought something to any role she undertook.

A professional and accomplished artist she was not, however, she was a unique attraction who gained even more followers as a result of her exposure to the theatre going public.

The Prince forgave Lillie and would come to her opening nights encouraging his friends to do the same, occasionally he would help her with her lines however their relationship would never be the same again they were now more friends than lovers.





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