Marriage in 1874


Cameo of Lillie Langtry


Lillies salvation came in 1874 in the form of marriage to Edward Langtry, a gentlemen of independent means, who owned a magnificent yacht called the Red Gauntlet.

Much to the consternation of her family Lillie announced that she was going to marry Edward Langtry and live with him in his substantial home in Southampton.

Even at this stage of her life she had her detractors disappointed ex suitors, jealous local girls, and even one or two of her brothers, who implied that she was more interested in Edward Langtry for his yacht than his looks.

Her escape to England proved not to be the success she had hoped for - Edward would go off on his own devices leaving her alone in the house with only the servants for company.

She got very bored and soon contracted typhoid fever becoming dangerously ill for several weeks.

During her fight for life her doctor became very fond of his beautiful patient she confided in him that she desired more than anything to go to London.

With this in mind the doctor persuaded her husband that she needed a complete change and that fulfilling her wish to go to London would speed up Lillies recovery.






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